from by Night Lives



through this all/
what drives us/
who is left alive/
in a world of passers by
as the days get darker/
its easier to see/
the quick and painless/
not just for the weak
while i plough through/
the ever lifeless streets/
it becomes clear/
that loneliness should be/
my enemy/
through reality

who is there to share with/when all four walls start closing in

when the soul is left alone/
the wall to climb to light 
is twice as tall as words can ever be
nowhere to call home / nowhere to start looking for

and despite change
being at arms reach
well keep telling ourselves
this is the one to keep
cant you see where you’re headed this way
is this what you wanted or who you settled to be
the times of change come to those who cant wait
i will keep getting up/until my body refrains
with a mind this strong and with a will to live
stopped many times / but never given in


from Divider, released August 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Night Lives Joensuu, Finland

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